Sunday 25 March 2018

Thing 4: Digital Footprint

I love technology! It helps our daily life, makes tasks more simple, brings joy and saves time as well as connecting us to others worldwide. The advances we make every day are amazing.

However the biggest downside to technology is our digital footprint. No matter what you do online wither it buying a new top, paying for your lunch, updating your social media, posting a picture or simply performing a google search you leave a footprint. Even now as I blog, every keystroke is building onto my ever enlarging digital footprint.

When I first watched the video and read the criteria for Thing 4 I was more than a little worried because most of my life works through some form of smart device. I love my technology and use it daily from counting my steps to paying for everything I buy, having went cashless a few months ago. The first step was to google myself and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Although most of what appeared was of myself as my name is not exactly common, everything appeared to be positive or neutral. The main articles were related to facebook, my nursery webpage, twitter and my blog. All of which I have very strong and secure passwords and have extensive privacy settings for the posts I do not want to be seen by the general public. I am lucky enough to have already known the dangers of a digital footprint and took steps to secure all my data as much as I possibly could when registering for SSSC and starting my career as a Childcare practitioner. Anyone of my perspective employers, parents of children or anyone I meet could simply google my name and I wanted to be in control of my first impression (even if it was a digital one).

This link provides 8 basic steps that will help you to manage your own digital footprint,

Personally I believe the best steps are personalise your privacy settings and make sure you know whats out there about you, have strong passwords and keep your devices updated to the most recent software.

The digital footprint for most is considered a necessary evil but you can make it work for you if you are in control of it. 😊



  1. This was a very informative and personalised account of the idea of the digital footprint which I really enjoyed reading.

    It was great to read something written by a health and social care professional that was not using too much jargon. For many people the idea of the digital footprint may be overwhelming, and to read other peoples' ideas of what this is and how this plays out in the virtual world is great to read.

    Many people I work with are not confident in using the internet and it would be great for them to read your blog to gain an understanding of the use of information and data online, and how to stay safe and in control of a lot of information on their about you. For both workers and people.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Hi Rebecca, just started blogging again to obtain my SSSC23 Things Digital badge. Enjoyed reading your blog, this comment will help towards my next Badge.Thanks Janet Richardson


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